NK India

Nippon Koei India Pvt. Ltd has commenced the services of Project Management and Supervision Consultant for Ahmedabad Peri-urban Livability Improvement Project [APLIP] under Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority in June 2023 to support in various activities like Procurement and Contracts Management, Project implementation, Compliances to social and environment safeguards, and Compliances to gender equality and social inclusion, as per ADB requirements. The main objective of the Project is to provide affordable, high-quality, and universal access to urban services, including the poor and vulnerable.
Vulnerable populations like urban poor, including women, industrial workers, and migrants residing in informal settlements in peri-urban areas, will benefit from improved mobility and connectivity to the city, which will provide opportunities for economic participation. The Project is classified into 14 work packages covering the components (i) 166 kilometres (km) of water distribution network, (ii) 126 km length of primary and secondary storm water drainage with climate-resilient designs connecting to water bodies for their rejuvenation, (iii) 300 km of new sewerage system, (iv) 137 million litres per day capacity of two Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), with 107 million litres per day treated sewage recycled for industrial and agriculture use (v) construction of flyovers and underpasses at 10 junctions on SPRR (Sardar Patel Ring Road). Construction Contracts are under process of finalization.