NK India

Ethics & Compliance

Since its establishment in 1946, the Nippon Koei Group has contributed to the building of social infrastructure in Japan and overseas. Yutaka Kubota, the founder of Nippon Koei, confidently stated “Tackle your problems with sincerity and the road ahead shall be clear,” and dedicated his technical expertise and passion to building social infrastructure that is safe and reliable. That spirit of social contribution based on conducting business with conviction is a part of the corporate DNA that continues to guide our employees today. The world is full of people who desire better living standards. The Nippon Koei Group will remain committed to acting with integrity as it contributes to national and regional social development all over the world.

Nippon Koei India resonate the same approach and committed to the ethics and highest standards of ethics and compliance. Nippon Koei is guided by the principle of “Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering” which outlines the basic legal guidelines that we must follow and the general ethical principles that will help each of us make the right decisions when conducting business worldwide.