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The world’s growing need for reliable electricity has added pressure on the global power industry to develop cleaner and more efficient solutions. In a world where we cannot count on unlimited access to energy and the question of climate change is becoming increasingly important, how we produce, process, distribute, and use energy – ensuring accessibility to affordable and clean energy – has become one of the greatest challenges.

The energy sector is transforming as all global trends viz. resource constraints, technological advancements, population growth, rapid urbanization, industrialization of emerging economies, energy consumption levels, power generation capacities, as well as environmental challenges and resource shortages are having a direct impact on the sector. Similarly, energy transmission projects present their own set of constraints, as many utilities must expand or upgrade their operations without impacting service while addressing community concerns.

From initial development and planning studies through to front-end design, project management and commissioning, Nippon Koei provides multidisciplinary engineering, technical, and project delivery services at all phases of the project. We also help clients to address key issues such as planning for increased energy demand, evaluating energy sources and systems, including green technologies. We focus on critical concerns such as protecting and maintaining the power supply, improving energy efficiency and performing upgrades without adverse impacts on facility operations.

We develop and deliver comprehensive solutions in energy management and efficiency, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, wind energy, power transmission and distribution, solar energy, thermal energy and bioenergy. We collaborate with clients to develop alternatives to diminishing fossil fuels and to combat the dangers of climate change. Our team of experts bring the skills, scale, and professional experience, together with innovation, and entrepreneurship to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Energy Management and Efficiency

Energy management is the usage and application of technology including planning and operation of both production and consumption of energy with a view to enhance energy efficiency. The principal objectives of energy management are conservation of resources, saving budget and preventing climate change as well as ensuring easy and ingrained access for all to the energy spectrum.

We devise strategic solutions to help clients across all sectors, including energy intensive industries, to reduce energy consumption and costs, assess and implement self-supply options, and ensure compliance with complex carbon-driven and energy-related legislation.

Nippon Koei India assist clients for feasibility studies, energy audits, cost-benefit calculations, scenario analysis, and more. We also offer strategic advice on energy policy design and evaluations of implemented energy policy measures. We help procure new energy-efficient products, building components and provide our services to make effective decisions on energy efficiency which includes heat-recovering ventilation systems, various roof and wall insulation and energy-efficient household equipment.

Our team focuses on recommending the most cost-effective energy solutions that provide our clients with optimal long-term project performance and exceptional results. Our specialists use revolutionary technology to provide better control over energy usage, help save on substantial operational costs and also helps utility companies for demand forecasting.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Electrical energy, being a very convenient form of energy, has become fully pervasive in the modern world. As the distribution system is the link through which an individual consumer draws electrical energy from the power system. Proper design of the distribution system becomes very important for reliability and maintenance of continuity of electric supply. Transmission and distribution systems provide a lifeline to rural and urban areas alike, bringing clear socioeconomic benefits to communities.

The transmission and distribution space (T&D), is an important cluster of industries that include the production of machinery, electric lines and transformers as well as line management systems (such as “smart-grid” technology) that improve efficiency. Our Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables.

Our teams of specialist project managers, designers and engineers provide vast knowledge and comprehensive expertise to support clients in planning and implementing transmission and distribution networks that will perform efficiently over the long term. Nippon Koei provides services in system analysis, feasibility studies, planning, design, tender document writing, contract negotiations, supervision and commissioning for electricity transmission and distribution projects. Power system analyses services include, but are not limited to, load flow, short circuit and transient overvoltage studies and grounding system design.

Renewable and Non-conventional Energy

The role of new and renewable energy has been assuming increasing significance in recent times with the growing concern for energy security and self-sufficiency. Today the focus is on both adequacy of long-term energy supply and also the environmental implications of particular sources. Onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy and hydropower play leading roles in the renewable power sources of the future

Nippon Koei India provides comprehensive services for alternative and renewable energy which includes energies from biomass and geothermal, to solar, wind and hydroelectric generating systems. We bring specialist expertise to the renewable energy sector, collaborating with our clients and partners to reduce carbon emissions and deliver efficient, cost-effective systems for a broad range of renewable projects. Our engineers provide their expertise in evaluating renewable and alternative energy options, navigating regulatory environments and implementing strategies.

We are committed to a sustainable future and offer complete and tailored solutions for all aspects of the projects. We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-feasibility right through to design, operations and maintenance up to decommissioning. Our broad range of project management services, paired with our technical resources, allow us to thoroughly plan, develop and execute environmental plans, engineering and design, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Thermal and Nuclear Power

Modern power plants running on fossil fuels transform primary energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, industrial residues, and municipal waste into heat, steam, or electrical energy. The energy sector is in transforming to meet the rising demand for power, maintain secure and reliable energy supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help create a sustainable world.

Our expertise includes site selection feasibility studies, technical and environmental due diligence, technology assessment and selection, planning constraints, grid connection services, permitting and licensing; environmental impact assessments, technical studies support, detailed design and procurement support. We combine all our expertise to design efficient and holistic solutions for energy projects related to thermal and nuclear energy. We also provide OPEX and Asset Digitization solutions for improving efficiencies in power generation process using 3D-4D digital solutions & IIOT applications for power plants.

Nippon Koei India provides engineering for building new nuclear power plants, radioactive waste management and supports development of new nuclear technologies. We offer our clients a wide range of technical and engineering services across process engineering, structural design, civil engineering, infrastructure services, mechanical, electrical and automation engineering, geotechnical engineering, fire and risk, and due diligence.


Prosperity and urbanisation place increasingly challenging demands on transport and mobility. As population grows, so does the demands for a safe, clean and cost-effective transportation. We work with our clients around the world to build intelligent and reliable transport systems and infrastructure, of increased effectiveness and efficiency, while reducing (negative) environmental and societal impacts. Complex transport needs are optimally addressed that will build cities and regions of the future.