NK India

Project Management Consultancy Services for construction of double Line electrified railway track with signaling & telecommunication system and related infrastructure for Rewari – Vadodara section of Phase1 of the Western Dedicated Freight [914 Km]

Consortium:  NK Consortium (NKC) comprising of Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. (NK) (Lead Firm) and Nippon Koei India Pvt. Ltd. (NKI) as Lead Partners.

Contract No.:  HQ/EN/WC/PMC-1 Dated: 27th March 2014

Contract Period: Start Date – 11th April 2014 | Completion Date – March 2027 

Description of the Services Provided

As a Project Management Consultant (PMC), following Services are being provided :

  • Overall Construction Supervision of Civil & Tracks, Electrical & mechanical, Signaling &     Telecommunication and Maintenance equipment.
  • Project Management Support
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Review and approval of Designs prepared by the Contractors.
  • Construction Supervision including Quality Assurance.
  • Monitoring & Supervision of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), EMP etc.
  • Testing & commissioning of prototype works contract.
  • Overall Contract Management including Claim Management.
  • Inspection and Testing plan for procurement including FAT, SAT, PAT etc.

Key Achievements

We are implementing the State-of-the-Art Heavy Haul Transport lines, the “First of its kind” in India, executing more than 9 Crore CUM of Earthwork, 2,187 nos. of Bridges (294 major & 1,893 minor structures), 2,100 Track Km length passing through three States i.e. Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

By now, Successfully Commissioned the Rewari – Sanand North section for Double line Electrified (2 x 25 kVA) Railway Track network having a capacity of 32.5 Ton axle load and Double Stacked Containers spread over approx. 798 Route Km of Mainline (1821 Track Km) and 25 RKm Connecting lines including the Formation, Structure, Track, Electrical & S&T works. It includes coordination/ interfacing with Clients and Contractors, Design finalization, & resolving Contractual Issues ensuring the desired quality & safety at the working sites –

Rewari – Madar Section306 RKm
Madar – Palanpur Section353 RKm
Palanpur – New Bandu Section62 RKm
New Bandu – Sanand N Section77 RKm
Palanpur – Chadotar Connecting Line13 RKm
New Mehsana Connection Line5.6 RKm
Makarpura DN Connecting Line6 RKm

At present, more than 65 -70 freight trains are plying between Rewari and Sanand North (Ahmedabad). The whole maneuver of the commissioned section is meticulously automated and carried out through the newly built Operational Control Centre (OCC) at Ahmedabad. The works in the remaining 138 RKm section between Sanand North & Makarpura (Vadodara) are being carried out in a full stream and the integrated commissioning of the entire WDFC Phase-1 is expected to be by March 2024.

The Project Team is currently comprised of more than 200 qualified Engineers and Consultants who are playing a pivotal role in delivering the State-of-the-art national pride infrastructure. The project has already achieved more than 93% Physical Progress and 89% Financial Progress considering all 06 Contract Packages of WDFC Phase-1. As part of the Rolling Stock and Maintenance works, already 08 no. customized Machines (Duomatic Tamping, Grinding, Tower Wagon) have successfully been commissioned.

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