NK India

Nippon Koei Co., Ltd, in Joint Venture with Nippon Koei India Pvt. Ltd. and CEG Limited is the Consultancy Service in Jaipur, Rajasthan executing the Project since year 2018 under RWSLIP. The development objectives of RWSLIP are to improve livelihood of beneficiaries in the project target area through (i) Rehabilitation and modernization of the existing medium and small irrigation schemes, (ii) Establishment of sustainable operation and management system of irrigation facilities by implementing the participatory irrigation management on Water Users Associations (WUAs), (iii) Increase of the productivities and improvement of quality of agriculture produces and Improvement and diversification of food value chain in agriculture produces market by strengthening farmers groups, and promotion of high value-added produce and (iv) Gender-mainstreaming of women in agriculture sector.
Contracts for Rehabilitation works on 65 sub-projects have been awarded and works on all the sub-projects are in different stages of implementation. The total contract value of these awarded 65 contracts is Rs.68506.04 Lac. After adding the cost of deviation approved for Bilas sub-project, the overall contract value now works out to be Rs.69299.77 Lac These contracts have been awarded to 36 agencies. 
The rehabilitation works on all the 65 sub-projects for which the contract awarded have been taken up. Works on thirty-eight (38) sub-projects have been completed. During the month of August 2023, works on 13 sub-projects were in progress and those at another 13 sub-projects were lying suspended. Works on one sub-project (Ganeshpura sub-project – Jhalawar) allotted during the month are yet to be started.